About us

Colour Group is a dynamically developing company specializing in surface treatment. Company provides complex services in the field of surface treatments – from production through application of coatings to providing guarantees.

Since 1998, the company’s mission is to bring customers a competitive advantage, high added value and to prevent risk and product reclaims through unique technological solutions and delivery of painting substances. Thanks to our vast experience we design and provide smart solutions.

With our expertise and many years of experience in practice we understand our customer’s individual requirements and we are able to meet these specific needs. Our experience in laboratories, equipped with modern and high-quality devices and analytical measuring instruments, are applied in practice and adapted to the individual needs of our customers. Our surface treatments are true to quality and appearance. This is what gives our customers guaranteed satisfaction and what sells the product!



Mission of company COLOUR GROUP, s.r.o. is complete care for customer in the following fields:

  • Development and manufacture of paints
  • Delivery of paints
  • Coating application process
  • Garantee and Waranties (even for serial produced product!)
  • Consultancy and guidance

All these are provided in our services.

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  • Manufacture of agricultural and construction machinery,
  • Production of road and utility machines and semi-trailers,
  • Building of construction of heavy industry: steel mills, power plants, etc.

We have detailed knowledge of the entire spectrum of business fields and understand the principles of their operation. Therefore we can easily comply with the specific needs of our customers.


Manufacture of paints is performed in a way to achieve the highest possible quality. We make sure that the application of the technology of surface treatment is the most effective. Thanks to this process we guarantee the highest final quality. Therefore, a production is governed according to ISO 9001 standards. ISO Compliance with these standards is regularly monitored by two independent organizations – TÜV Cert GmbH Institut Austria and NQA Institute Ascertiva Group Ltd.