We will help you with …

  • Selecting the most appropriate coating system
  • Selecting the best technological procedure, including the work procedure, work regulations and other documentation associated with the surface-treatment technologies
  • Selecting specific paints
  • Staff training in various aspects of surface treatment (application of coatings, control activities,…)
  • Providing professional technician

Our complex service includes free of charge consultations on surface treatment. Our technical support involves meetings with application engineers and laboratory staff at request, assistance in implementing the system into operation, staff training, laboratory tests, providing samples, conducting demonstrations and promo events, etc.. A number of exceptionally well-equipped laboratories with specialists is at your disposal. Application engineers  will advise you on the application of our materials, among other issues. We can also help you with communicating with government authorities (such as the Czech Environmental Inspectorate), elaboration of expert appraisals and studies.

Technical assistance – technology of surface treatment

  • selection of the most appropriate coating system following the particular requirements and in accordance with requirements on the minimum impact on the environment
  • assistance in selecting the best technological procedure, including the development of work procedures, work regulations and other documentation associated with the surface-treatment technologies
  • providing free regular staff training of surface treatment department in their specialization (application of coatings, control activities, environmental policy,…)

Assistance of a technician

Based on your company’s requirements and in order to ensure the quality of surface treatment – and therefore the quality of your products – we can arrange the technical support.  The assigned technician is capable of suggesting the best options, finding solutions of hypothetical problems, performing both basic and special supervision over surface treatment and monitoring the technological procedures. The technician can also provide documentation of these control inspections, in form of written reports and photographs.

Technical support can be provided in two ways:

  • surveillance will be carried out by our company’s employee, who will be present in your workplace for an agreed period of time (especially during start-up of new technology, new products …) – usually half a year. After implementing the system, he shall perform the surveillance at agreed intervals or in case of a change in the surface treatment procedure. It is also possible to oversee the technological procedures and other monitored parameters on regular basis (about 48 hours), during the restocking.
  • surveillance will be carried out by an employee of your company, who will be trained at our expense in order to be able to professionally supervise the quality of the paint and assess the technological procedures.