In the heavy industry field, heavy corrosion protection is provided, with the main focus on its stability over time. Our long-term corrosion protection guarantees the fulfillment of the required standards and the quality of the structure.

Buildings of heavy industry are by their nature completely different from other industries because of their size or the way of construction. Different demands are placed on the durability and appearance as well. Therefore, different approach must be taken when choosing the right technology.

Method of treatment depending on the construction:


Surface treatment can be performed in two different ways depending on whether it is:

  • on an already build up product
  • on its individual non-assembled parts

1. Varnishing a build up product

Colour Group Company can out-source performing height painting of buildings and structures. However, the quality of this option may be rather questionable, therefore the second option is recommended.

2. Varnishing on a individual non-asembled parts

This painting is qualitatively better because it is not carried out in difficult conditions. It is also much cheaper, since re-coating what is damaged during construction is much easier and less demanding than the total surface treatment on the spot.

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We are aware that the vast majority of errors is caused by human factor. That is why the key steps are carried out by our own team of experts, not contracted out to other companies. If the customer engages his own applicators, we can provide their training, and perform a variety of re-measurements on the coating itself.

With this precise approach we take on full responsibility for the entire surface treatment of the final product. (More about our gurantee…)

Our technological solutions of surface treatment using paint can be connected and combined with other types of surface treatment such as galvanizing, zinc plating or metallization.

In the field of heavy industry we provide corosion protection mainly for:

  • Steel mils
  • Ironworks
  • Power Plan
  • Paper mils
  • The supporting structures of power lines
  • Dams
  • Bridges