The main focus of our company is the production of high quality paints. Those can be customized according to the conditions your product will have to endure. This will ensure longer life and durability of your product.

Our experience with the production of paints:

We create our coating materials in Austrian factories. There has been a tradition of paint manufacture in those factories, starting in 1844, meaning more than 170 years of experience in the production of paints.

Such a long-term experience is especially beneficial for you, the customer, as we are familiar with the specifics of different environments. We can design the process of surface treatment accordingly and prepare the right paint for the conditions which your product should withstand.

The production procedures

Solid and liquid materials are used in the production of coatings. Solid materials consist of pigment powders (organic or inorganic) which give the paint its color and represent its most expensive component. They are divided into lightfast, heavy-metal free, thermally or chemically resistant pigments. Fillers are complements that help increase the volume solid, adhesion or reduce shine. The additives are liquid substances used for homogenization of the paint (equally, compactly, integrally), foam removal, surface enhancement or creating structured surface.

Solvents help adjust viscosity and quick drying.

Raw materials from our selected suppliers undergo thorough testing in accordance with relevant standards.

Each paint is produce accordingly, following specific procedures. Any change can lead to an error. The initial component is usually a binder (resin) and several additives which are addded while stirring. The pigment and the filler are then added gradually. Processing time and the temperature of the paint are crucial in the process. Grinding of the paint follows, using for instance a bead mill.

After grinding the paint, solvent and additives are added.  The mixture proceeds to the tint station where, often with the help of laboratory services,  various values are set, such as viscosity, volume solid and shine.

After final inspection the paint is filtered and dispensed into appropriate containers and then stored accordingly in a private warehouse for subsequent delivery.