Industry Sectors

Agricultural and construction machinery

We specialize in surface treatment of utility and agricultural machinery: trailers, plows, excavators, machine tools, rakes, and other agricultural machinery, as well as building machinery, excavators, etc.

Transportation and utility machines

Surface modification of utility and transport vehicles must look presentable, even though it must withstand the environment, in particular on the roads or unpaved roads. Therefore, great emphasis is placed not only on the quality and elegant appearance, color, color fastness, but also on the resistance to salt and abrasive resistance to small stones, gravel, etc.

Heavy industry

Protection of structures and construction of heavy industries that are exposed to severe weather conditions and must withstand very aggressive environment resulting from the nature of utilization mainly in steel mills, power plants, lime plants, cement plants, paper mills, supporting structures of power lines or bridges.

Light industry

Surface treatment for industrial equipment such as boilers, furnaces or electric motors.