Protective coatings from company Colour Group cover a wide range of applications in the industrial world, especially in the construction of buildings of heavy industry such as steel mills, power plants and smelters. Further we specialize in agricultural and construction machinery and equipment for road transport. In short, regardless of the industry you work in, we provide finishing solutions for your needs.

In our factories we produce the following coatings and associated products. These plants are modernly equipped, production is according to standards EN ISO 9001: 2015 as well as a certified standard Responsible Care. With a wide range of products and in-house development and production, we are able to prepare coatings for individual needs of our customer.

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The main product lines of our paints:

Type of material


This product line consists of acryl-based paints.

This product line consists of paints based alkyd resins.

This product line consists of paints based on epoxy resins.

This product line includes paints using a variety of binders, designed for a specific purpose or specific properties.

Special type of paints:

Type of material



Special coatings with high zinc content
suitable for heavy corrosive environment.

Other products and accessories:

fillers, thinners, hardeners, accelerators, silicones, MEK tests

Types of these products depend on the particular paint which they should supplement.