The coating compositions of this product line contain epoxy resins. These are combined with other binder components (such as epoxy esters, epoxy-tar, phenolic epoxies, etc.). We supply them as both basic and top coats, one-component and two-component, water-soluble and solvent-based.

Epoxy coatings are very resistant to aggressive environments:

chemicals (alkalis, acids less, oil products)
water (even immersion)
effect of abrasive substances

They are used as a base, underlying and even topcoats in heavy to very heavy corrosive conditions. They are widely used in circumstances when there is no UV protection or when the final appearance is substantial.

These coatings are also used as the base layer of epoxy paints with high zinc content, which can withstand the heaviest corrosion conditions. It was found that even after 15 years, zinc epoxy coating with a thickness of 80-90 microns is still in an excellent condition. This base coating also has a good resistance to damage.

More information about the qualities of coating materials and the way of use can be found in the technical information of individual coating materials.

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