Agricultural and building machinery represents a specific area in the field of surface protection materials. For a wide range of machines and equipment intended for agricultural or construction purposes, it is very difficult to accurately determine the corrosion load. Therefore, we offer agricultural protective coating, providing greater resistance of the material, lower corrosion and therefore longer life and lower repair costs.

Colour Group Company applies its products in the field of surface treatment of agricultural equipment, among others. Coating system must be of high quality, especially from the perspective of corrosion protection, because it must withstand the environment of roads, dirt roads and fields. Therefore, great emphasis is placed not only on the quality and elegant appearance, color, color stability, but in particular abrasive resistance against small stones, gravel, etc. …


We offer:

  • Quick workability and related cost savings
  • Smooth compliance of technological processes
  • Independence on the ambient environment at the time of application
  • Good accessibility
  • Possibility of adapting the technology of work environment

Our surface treatment reflects:

  • The specifics of the conditions and requirements arising both during production and operation equipment
  • Different types of environment where the machine is located (rural, urban, local “microclimate”)
  • The diversity workload, seasonality machines and their storage method.
  • Exposure to chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, manure, fuel, lubricants …)
  • Construction device (topography, difficult corners)

We cooperate closely with leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment in order to make a “perfect product” to fit every situation that can occur in the industry. This mutually beneficial cooperation helps avoiding possible problems (application, environmental, etc.), therefore saving the customer’s money.

For specific agricultural and construction equipment we offer specially developed systems of surface protection, which are tested for long periods in many renowned companies, no matter if  it is a single-layer coating used mainly as transport coat, or systems that meet even the most demanding requirements for durability (corrosion load, load chemical, abrasion …).


Advantages and disadvantages of the chosen system:


  • The biggest advantage is very fast drying
  • Option of immediate re-painting
  • Immediate hardness
  • Option of immediate chemical resistance
  • Difficult workability
  • possibility of microcracks might result in lower corrosion resistance
  • lower UV stability and the related so-called “chalking”

The agricultural coating may be even one third cheaper than the commercial car coating, due to the materials used and the rapid processing.