This product line includes paints using a variety of binders designed for specific purposes (high temperature) or specific in its properties.

Types of binders:

  • Silicones – used for the coating of surfaces exposed to high temperatures (up to 600 ° C)
  • Inorganic – ethyl silicate paints have many advantages (protective efficacy, high temperature resistance), so their use is very wide. Tests performed in a marine environment in the U.S. have shown that one layer of ethyl silicate coating with a thickness of 60-80 µm protects the steel surface for 10 years. Tests performed by NASA in natural conditions and in laboratories proved high protective efficacy of the inorganic zinc coatings – alone or in combination with other coatings, such as epoxy and polyurethane.
  • Asphalt, chlorinated rubber, oil, nitrocellulose, polyester and others.

More information about the qualities of coating materials and the way of use can be found in the technical information of individual coating materials.

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