Our coatings are of great use in those industries with implemented serial production and the coating process is carried out directly in the customer’s environment in assigned paint shops.

In addition to sectors such as agricultural and construction machinery (agricultural protective coating) or transportation and utility vehicles (so called utility car coating) with high demands on representative appearance, we focus on other areas that require long-term stability under very specific conditions. These conditions involve an environment in which the final products or their parts are exposed to excessive heat, excessive force, abrasion, UV radiation, or strong exposure to chemicals.

This includes for instance heat-resistant coatings protecting boilers and furnaces. In this case, the coating must withstand not only high temperatures, but also the differences in pressure and seasonality of use of the boilers. This requires predicting on a long time span, since the life expectancy of a boiler or furnace is counted years and decades. We provide regular maintenance for such boilers and furnaces and perform their renovations.

On the other hand, the coating of electric motors requires high abrasion resistance as well as resistance to various chemicals (oil, etc..) Long-term stability is required as well.

Coatings for vertical traffic signs are among the interesting and significant products, as they are exposed to constant and intense weather conditions as well as to an increased density of smog.

Most paints for these particular purposes are included in the product line Dutyp. (More about this product line …)