“…We shall arrange everything for you!..”

We will help you in every phase of designing your product:

  • The choice of technology
  • The choice of material
  • The pre-treatment of steel
  • The application of paints
  • Sales support and after-sales service


Our company provides a complex service. We are not just suppliers of paints but also your long-term partners who care about the surface treatment of your product.


First, we get to know the specifics of your business and your factory processes. At the same time, we will introduce you to our procedures and then choose the best option. Together we will choose the best technology of coatings, paints and even the best way to prepare and protect the individual materials (steel, etc.). We will help you with the coating application, or do it by ourselves. We show you and give advice on the procedure, when and where to apply protective materials and at what frequency. We can also make the whole process for you and you will receive a finished product.

This way we provide the most suitable and economically best solution. If you are concerned about unnecessary delays during sales and claims process, we will help you with designing appropriate business and sales conditions, as well as with the best way to respond to claims and complaints, when such should appear.

Our company has a number of engineers and researchers who first analyze and evaluate the customer’s application environment. Depending on the requirements of the surface treatment, they design the coating system and technological application procedure. At this point we proceeed to business and appropriate coatings are delivered to the customer. The contract does not end there however, on the contrary. Our company’s technicians participate directly on the application itself in the customer’s environment. They perform test runs and evaluate not only the physical parameters of the application, but also the efficiency and dificulty of the carried-out tasks in order to optimize related technological processes. Therefore, the customer is still taken care of by the technicians of COLOUR GROUP, who ensure the quality and integrity of the surface treatment of the product.