Regular supply of paints and other materials according to customer specifications. Possibility of express delivery at the customer’s request, best delivery conditions.

Delivery of goods

The price calculations include transport costs. Transport of goods is provided by our fleet vehicles and contracted transporters and complies with all applicable regulations and requirements, in particular the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

Vehicles are heated and insulated – in order to maintain optimal temperature and properties of the products. Paints therefore have all the required parameters upon delivery and the customer has full assurance of guaranteed quality.

Date of delivery

  • primers – stocked in sufficient quantity in the warehouse of the company, delivered at short notice.
  • top coatings – thanks to tinting system located in our company, delivered in the shortest time period.
  • the supply of other goods – tools, paint shop equipment, sealants, etc. are delivered in the shortest possible time, depending on the type of goods.

Warehouse stock

If you are interested, there is a possibility of establishing a consignment store, which will be continuously resupplied.