Utility Car Coating

A proven coating system of guaranteed quality and suitability. This system has been developed for several years, and its qualities were tested in real conditions.

The coating system was developed in close cooperation with our technicians in company laboratories, who specialize on production and development of materials.

In case of special, non-standard surface treating system (chemical resistance, thermal resistance, etc.), we can suggest the most suitable option designed specifically for your needs, based on our experience and cooperation with lab technicians.  All the documentation is provided, presence of a qualified technician is an option as well.

We provide surface treatment of utility vehicles in particular, as well as special purpose equipment installed directly on the vehicle. In the case of utility coating, the main priority is to create quality and time-stable coating, accompanied by high-quality corrosion protection.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Long-term stability of color and gloss
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance (stones, dust …)
  • Resistance to operating fluids (petroleum, oil …)
  • Resistance to chemicals (salt, winter solutions …)
  • High-quality and comprehensive surface
  • The flexibility of the coating system (acrylate)




  • Very fast and good processability associated with large savings in labor and overhead costs
  • Incomparably superior corrosion resistance
  • Significantly improved UV stability, minimal chalking
  • A smoother, fuller, more coherent optical effect, minimal loss of gloss
  • Very good repairability
  • High elasticity coating, no cracking and subsequent diffusion and corrosion, there are no microcracks
  • Advantages connected with warranty and post warranty service conditions


  • The relatively higher cost of paints (higher price connected with higher quality of the materials) which are compensated by later overhead and labor costs and the acquisition of high-quality anti-corrosion coating.