Complex Services

We provide turnkey surface treatments according to the customer's request.
Complete service – beginning with the design, choice of technology procedure, delivery and the application of the material needed, including the guarantee and insurance of the final product.

Development and production of coating materials

development and production of coating materials. Production of both standard and custom shades of coating materials based on individual orders. Production of standard and custom-made coating materials based on exact specifications.

Supply of coating materials

Regular deliveries of coating materials and additional materials according to the customers' specifications. An option of express delivery at customers' request, terms of delivery guaranteed.


Individual approach towards each customer, regular personal consultations with our technicians. No committment consultation, evaluation of the existing surface treatment, comparison with new technology proposal.

Guarantees and Insurance

We provide guarantee and quality assurance of the complete surface treatment carried out using our technology, guaranteed is also the quality of coatings. Our activities have a high liability insurance benefiting our customers.